Michigan State University

InterLibrary Services (Document Delivery)


InterLibrary Services borrows or obtains copies of materials not available in the MSU Libraries on behalf of MSU's faculty, staff, and students, and lends or provides copies of MSU Libraries materials requested by other libraries. Our MSU Article Retrieval Service (MARS) provides copies of MSU Libraries print articles and chapters to MSU faculty, staff and graduate students.

– Denise A. Forro, Head, InterLibrary Services

Article Requests:

Service requires that you know the citation of the article you are seeking.


For assistance, please contact:

InterLibrary Services at ill@mail.lib.msu.edu or (517) 884-6398, Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Borrowing Manager:  Andrea Salazar
Lending Manager:  Greg Lamb
Assistant Head of InterLibrary Services:  Cen Cheng
Head of InterLibrary Services:  Denise Forro

Distance Learning Services at reachout@msu.edu or (800) 500-1554, evenings and weekends.