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BOW WOW Special Collections is Going to the Dogs

cartoon image of a dog and the title words Bow Wow

Now through April 30
Main Library, First Floor Lobby

Well, not literally of course, but we do have a lot of dog books from the first printed work on dogs in England to hundreds of books representing dogs in many endeavors from hunting to keeping Mickey Mouse company (a mouse's best friend?). Our large and varied array of dog books come primarily from of two of our most distinguished collections: the Veterinary Medicine Historical Collection and the Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection.

Despite their differences in age and content, each item offers a unique perspective on the enduring, mutualistic relationship between man and his dog. Whether one's interest in our canine companions is scientific, historical, or simply for the love of dogs, we think you will find our collection of dog books is a treasure worth barking about!