Michigan State University

Advice to Women: Restrictive Expectations in Popular Media

Four 50's-era women reading news media

Now through March 2017
Main Library, 2nd Floor, West Wing

Although every demographic group has unfair norms to grapple with, it seems women are especially subject to advice on their appearance, their everyday behavior, their relationships, their sexuality, their careers, and their parenting. Much of this advice is woven throughout America's popular written media, from magazines to cookbooks to psychologists' works on healthy relationships. Although it's usually casually delivered and fairly unobtrusive, the cumulative effect of so much advice is that women are surrounded with reminders that every aspect of their lives is measured and scrutinized by others. This exhibit illustrates the pervasiveness of such advice in just a small selection from MSU Libraries' materials.

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Exhibit produced by Autumn Faulkner.