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Did You Know?

an African mask; Photo credit:
Africana Collection is one of the largest in the country and features over 200,000 books, journals, maps and films covering all areas and disciplines.
multiple texts and a key; Permission granted by artist via email to RAJ 12 Jan 2006
Some books are also sculptures. Our holdings in Special Collections include works from several contemporary book artists, such as MSU alumna Laura Davidson.
equipment found in the Assistive Techonology Center that magnifies material
A video magnifier is just one of the technologies available for users with disabilities in the Main Library's Assistive Technology Center.
Icon for the Chavez collection
The Chavez Collection on Chicano and Boricua Studies was named in honor of labor leader Cesar E. Chavez, a founding member of the United Farm Workers.
the earth from space; Image credit: NASA
Studying abroad doesn't mean losing access to research materials. The Distance Learning Services unit connects MSU students and faculty with print and electronic collections, wherever they are in the world.
a semi circle of apples; Photo Credit: USDA Agricultural Research Service
The Food Science and Nutrition Collection covers everything from micronutrients and gastronomy to the sociology of agriculture and the safety of the food supply.
people going up and down the stairs of a government building; (c)2007 Jupiter Images
The Government Documents Library includes resources ranging from local city and county materials to the publications of intergovernmental organizations, such as the World Bank and UNICEF.
a person in a hat and rain gear squatting by plants; Permission given by photographer (to RAJ via email.) Photo Credit: Steve Deming, MSU Kellogg Biological Station.
Field research at the Kellogg Biological Station is supported by the collections on aquatic and terrestrial ecology and agro-ecology at the Morofsky Memorial Library at Gull Lake.
Mrs. Linda Landon; Photo credit: Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections
Mrs. Linda Landon was appointed college librarian at MSU in 1891 and served for 40 years. Landon Hall, originally a women's dormitory, was named in her honor.
text of Hello in various languages, in different fonts and colors
The MSU Libraries' collections include materials in more than 300 languages, both ancient and modern, from all corners of the world.
a 3-dimensional math problem found in 19th century math text
The Vernon G. Grove Mathematics Library serves all branches of the Departments Mathematics, Statistics and Probability, as well as the Division of Science and Mathematics Education.
logo for the Michigan Writers series; image is from library website
The Michigan Writers Collection collects, and makes accessible, manuscripts and published works of select writers with ties to Michigan State University and the state of Michigan.
hands holding paper that had been washed. Photo credit: Louis Villafranca
The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the MSU Libraries a grant of $127,249 to provide conservation treatment for the Special Collection of 1,500 early American textbooks.
Sunday School Book cover of a child knocking on a door; from Sunday School book collection at http://digital.lib.msu.edu/projects/ssb/
The September 2004 issue of College & Research Libraries News featured an illustration from MSU Libraries' Special Collection of 19th century Sunday school books.
Fine Arts library lobby; Photo credit: Ben Reiter
The center of the Fine Arts Library combines study space with exhibits of student artwork. The reference desk, music listening stations, and art and music collections are nearby.
a golf course at sunset with sprinklers going
The Noer/Milorganite(R) Division MMSD Image Collection, housed in the Turfgrass Information Center, includes more than 14,000 images charting the development of turfgrass science in the 20th century.
a cow's head with blue sky; Photo Credit: USDA Agricultural Research Service
The Veterinary Medical Center Library supports the classroom and clinical work of future veterinarians and animal care technicians.
earth from space; Image credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Librarians from all over the world have visited the MSU Libraries to learn how a major research collection is managed. In the last few years, we've had guests from Spain, Nigeria, Mexico, Turkey, Ireland, South Africa, Romania and Iceland.