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Librarian II
Collections, Main Library
Main Library Building,E-108


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        "Changing the Framework of Development", Dec 2, 2011. MidMEAC Land Use Luncheon speaker. Lansing, MI
        Commencement Address, Oakland Community College, May 2010,
        Keynote, "Growing Our Food System" conference, Lansing, MI February 2010
        "Moving Towards Sustainability", Keynote and workshop leader, EPA Region V, Sustainability Working Group, November 2009, Chicago, IL
        Greening IT Summit, invited participant/panelist. EDUCAUSE, Washington, DC, November 2008
        “After the Election: The Politics of Sustainability”. Paper, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education conference, November 2008, Raleigh, NC
        “Building Networks for Sustainability”  Panelist, Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education conference, November 2008, Raleigh, NC
        “Citizenship on a Finite Planet”, Keynote, Faculty Institute, Jackson Community College, August 2008
         Seminar leader, Sustainability Summer Institute, Indiana University, July 2008, Bloomington, IN
        “Planning and Budgeting for Sustainability” workshop with Geoff Chase, Michael Hamburger. CIC Academic Leadership Program.IndianaUniversity, February 2008
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        “ Creating a Sustainable Campus Program”, consultation with Indiana University. April 2007
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        Local Government and Sustainability” panelist/moderator. Economicology Conference, Wege Foundation, Grand Rapids, MI March 2007
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        “Fair Trade and Sustainable Consumption”, lunch speaker Lansing Kiwanis, December 2006.
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        “Consuming with Sustainability in Mind”. Meeting of the Minds, Lansing MI. Speaker. September 2006.
        “Climate Change Citizenship”. Teach-In on Climate Change. Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI. Panelist. September 2006
        Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Judge, Campus Sustainability Award. September 2006.
        Speaker. Governor’s Cool City Conference. Lansing, MI. December 2004 Tipping to Cool: How Higher Education Can Lend a Hand
        Earth Charter: A Tool for Building Sustainable Communities. Great Lakes Bioneers Conference. Traverse City, MI. October 2003.
        Reducing Our Waste and Building Community. Keynote. Tri-County Waste Reduction Awards Program. April 2003.
        Social and Cultural Aspects of Sustainability. Workshop with Dr. Jim Crowfoot. Great Lakes Bioneers Conference. Traverse City, MI October 2002.
        Sustainability: What Might it Mean? Lansing Community College. Lansing, MI. Lecture. April 2006
        Grand Rapids, MI. Co-planner. April 2006 Economicology 8.0.
        Responsibly Investing in Michigan’s Future: Community Development Investment Strategies. 19th MSU Annual Spring Institute. Co-organizer. East Lansing, MI. April 2006.
        Greening Meetings and Conferences. Luncheon speaker. State Council of Meeting Coordinators. Lansing, MI February 2006
        Advancing Sustainability. Association of American Colleges & Universities, Annual Conference. Washington, DC. January 2006
        Seeing the Trees but not the Forest. Speaker. EPA Smart and Sustainable Campuses. Conference. College Park, MD. November 2005
        Invited speaker. Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA. October 2005. Learning Our Way to a Sustainable Future
        College and University Endowments: an Entry Into Sustainability. Paper presented with Lauren Olson(student). Greening of the Campus Conference VI. Ball State University. Muncie, IN. September, 2005
        Keynote speaker. University Property Management Association, Annual Conference. East Lansing, MI May 2005 Sustainability: How Surplus Operations Fill the Whole.
        Sustainability in the Curriculum. Panelist. Society of College and University Planning web cast, April 2005
        North American Conference on Sustainability and Higher Education. Portland, OR. October 2004
        -------   Panel - w/others. Sustainability on Campus: Stories and Strategies for Change.
        -------   Paper. .Making Sustainable Choices in the Marketplace
        -------   Paper – w/ Dr. Rex LaMore. College and University Endowments and Pension Funds: Aiding Distressed Urban Areas While Enhancing the Environment and Building Social Capital”.
        -------   Paper – w/others “Connecting the Dots: Growing an Ecological Mindful Living and Learning Environment”.
         “Sustainable Enterprise: Business, Ethics and the Environment” symposium. Center for Ethics and Social Justice, Loyola University. Chicago IL. May 2004.The Sustainable University: Environmentally Sound and Socially Just -- What We Could and Should Be." Keynote.
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        With Diane Doberneck. Paper. Greening of the Campus IV. Ball State University, Muncie, IN. September 2001.Many Bridges in Many Directions: New Approaches to Transforming Institutions of Higher Education into Sustainable Campus Communities.
        Higher Education Network for Sustainability and Education, founding meeting, January 14-16, 2000 Atlanta, GA.
        Program Chair/Moderator, American Library Association Annual meeting, July 7, 1996, New York, “Environmentally/Socially Responsible Business: Finding Information to Make Decisions to Buy or Invest.”
        Program Chair/Moderator, American Library Association Annual meeting, June 27, 1992, San Francisco, CA, "Poverty, Development, and the Environment: Information Challenges for Libraries."
        Program Chair/Moderator, American Library Association Annual meeting, June 28, 1992, San Francisco, CA, "Tools of the Trade or Poisons for the Planet: The Environmental Impact of Paper, Computers and Microfilm."
        Speaker, American Library Association Annual meeting, June 30, 1991, Atlanta, Georgia, "How Green is Your Library: Environmentalism at Work." 
        Speaker and program coordinator at American Library Association Annual Meeting, June 27, 1987, San Francisco, CA., "Public Policy Alternative Sources: Access and Use."
        Speaker at American Library Association Annual Meeting, June 23, 1984, Dallas, Texas, "Nonusers of Academic Libraries."
        Invited participant at "Intellectual Freedom Leadership Institute",Chicago, IL. May 5?7, 1988.
        Paper presented at Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters Annual Meeting, March 26, 1983, Ypsilanti, Mi., "Information Control in American Society: Where Should Librarians Stand."
        Paper presented at Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters Annual Meeting, March 22, 1985, East Lansing, Mi.  "Public Policy, the Public Interest, and Libraries."
        Michigan Library Association  Academic Librarians Day. Respondent to Keynote address,   "Librarians as Educators", by Dr. Sharon Hogan. Ann Arbor, MI.  May 17, 1993.
        Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting. Speaker, "The Green Side of Reference", October, 1992.
        Michigan Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee/Reference Services Workshop, Speaker, "Censorship at the Reference Desk," May 19, 1989.
        Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting. Speaker, Cracker Barrel Session on "Michigan Intellectual Freedom Network". October 14, 1988.
        Michigan Library Association Annual Meeting. Speaker, "Overcoming Internal Censorship".  October 17, 1985.