Michigan State University

Copying, Printing, Scanning & Faxing


  • A self-serve copier is available in the Business Library.
  • Copier accepts coins, $1 bills and $5 bills, and copy cards.
  • The Business Library does not provide change.

Copy Center Hours

  • The Copy Center closes 1/2 hour prior to the closing of the Library.


  • Copies are $.10 per page ($.09 per page when using a copy card). There are three Payment Options.
  • Transparencies can be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $.60 per page. Only transparencies purchased in the Business Library can be used on the self-serve copiers.


  • Printing using credits via the MSU Print system is available in the Gast Business Library to patrons with an MSU NetID. We are unable to accept money for printing.
  • Patrons may use one of three large capacity monochromatic laser printers (5 cents/print), or the large capacity color laser printer (40 cents/print).
  • Purchase credit online at print.msu.edu.
  • Prints may be generated from our public computer workstations, or from wired and wireless laptops within the library. Through MSU Print, prints may also be generated from anywhere in the world, to be printed in our library.
  • Have to print something quickly? Use any of our selected resources computers. They do not require you to login, and have Microsoft Office products including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Please note: they do not access the entire internet - only MSU resources. They also only print black & white.
  • For complete information about using the self-service laser printers, visit print.msu.edu


  • The Business Library has a Scan Station available in the Copy Center. It doesn’t require any log in and has both flatbed with a book edge and sheet feed options. It also is a fax machine for outgoing faxes only. See the Faxing section below for more information.
  • Scan to Email, USB, and Google Docs.
  • Cost: $.05 per scanned page. Payment options: Cash, Coin, or Copy Card.
  • See also: Scanning Options at the MSU Libraries (PDF).


  • The Business Library’s Scan Station offers the ability to send faxes.
  • The fax is sent to the phone line through the internet.
  • Cost: US/Canada: $.50 per page. International: $1 per page. Note you are charged for optional cover sheet if selected. Payment options: Cash, Coin, or Copy Card.

Payment Options

  1. Cash - Copiers are self service and accept coins, $1 bills and $5 bills.
  2. Copy Cards - Copy Cards may be purchased in the Business Library at the Circulation Desk for $1. The cards are empty. You will have to add value to the cards using the copy machine coin box. You may use this card at any coin/card operated copiers in the Business Library or Main Library. The card may be revalued at any copy machine coin box and reused indefinitely. Copies made with the copy card are $.09 each. Copies paid with coins are $.10 each.
    Please note: These cards may not be used in the College of Law Library.
  3. University Departmental Account – Patron must fill out an account charge form which includes the departmental account number to be charged, department's name, address and phone number.

Note: The Business Library does not provide change and we are unable to accept money for printing.