Michigan State University


Kay Granskog
Assistant Director for Technical Services




The Cataloging and Metadata Services (CMS) unit provides bibliographic access to resources in all formats and in a wide variety of languages. The expertise of the unit supports resource description and information organization throughout the Libraries. The unit consists of the Original Cataloging team, which creates original metadata or enhances existing metadata, and the Copy Cataloging team, which identifies and enhances existing metadata. We operate principally in MARC-based metadata in OCLC's WorldCat (our bibliographic utility) and Sierra (our local catalog), but with an eye to linked data, BIBFRAME and other emerging standards. MSU Libraries is a member institution of NACO and CONSER, with our participation in these conducted principally by the Original Cataloging team.

Joshua Barton, Assistant Head of Technical Services / Head of Cataloging & Metadata Services


Janice Ahee
Janet Baldwin
Loretta Fiacco
Tim Kiser
Kate Ojibway
​Emily Sanford
Nicole Smeltekop


Julia Frankosky
Lucas Mak
Pat Olson


Robin Dean
Devin Higgins

Autumn Faulkner,  Assistant Head of CMS


Tina Andrews
Cathy Illman​
Andrea McCulloh
Anne Scholberg
John Stone
Vicki Walker


Acquisitions orders, receives, and catalogs materials for the MSU Libraries collections. Acquisitions processes all monograph and serials orders and receipts, is responsible for monitoring the materials budget, and manages materials fund accounting  processes. Approval plan processing (including Skymatch plans) and copy cataloging of print monographs and serials also takes place in Acquisitions.

Lee Sochay, Head of Acquisitions

Hsiang-Ping Cha
Lyudmila Ivanova​

Lisa Smith, Assistant Head of Acquisitions

Lisa Bosman
Lark Braten
Devon Davidoski
​Nicky Ebert
​Rita Jenkins
Beth Nugent
​Judy Redding
Ashley Richey
Huei Wang
Kim Wiljanen


Catalog Maintenance is a partner with other teams in Technical Services to provide access and availability through the physical processing of materials, updating the catalog, providing quality control, and performing batch record loads. Catalog Maintenance also conducts special collection maintenance projects on a large scale, including the transfer and withdrawal of selected collection material.

Don Depoorter, Head of Catalog Maintenance

Max Brauer
Laura Eichorn
​Anne Erickson
Lisa English
Lynn Farabaugh
​Andrea James


The Metadata Management Unit is responsible for authority and quality control of the MSU Libraries catalog. The tasks include: reviewing and updating catalog records; running the new & duplicate headings reports and URL checker;  maintaining the local authority file; creating, reviewing, and updating vendor record load instructions; cleanup of loaded records; assisting in the implementation of the discovery tool; assisting with the harmonization of metadata across digital projects with the catalog & discovery tool.

Lisa Robinson, Head of Metadata Management

Sue Levy


Electronic Resources evaluates and supports technical & access issues related to electronic services and resources including purchased databases, the catalog, and other digital resources. Responsible for maintenance of the Electronic Resource Management (ERM) system.

Ranti Junus, Systems Librarian


This unit is charged with the development and deployment of technological solutions related to the effective use of library system resources for MSU, the MSU College of Law, and Library of Michigan. It manages and maintains the integrated library system and its infrastructure, carries out metadata manipulation and transformation initiatives, conducts bibliographic data extraction and ingestion, assists in statistical data mining, and calibrates public display of catalog data. This unit delivers technical support, consultation, and training for the integrated library system to library staff across the library in cataloging, patron services, acquisitions, inter-library services, electronic resource and public services areas. 

Dao Rong Gong, Systems Librarian