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Interpreting bib records from WorldCat via FirstSearch

WorldCat through FirstSearch displays bibliographic records without MARC tags, and with some fields identified by descriptors. The record may be broken down into three distinct sections - a brief overview (top section) a section identifying holdings information (middle section), and full bibliographic display with field descriptor tags (bottom section).

To identify libraries owning the title, click on Libraries worldwide that own item in the middle section of the record or on the button at the top of the screen.

If the MSU Libraries owns the item, you'll see MICHIGAN STATE UNIV in the middle section of the bib record display. MICHIGAN STATE UNIV will also appear in the search results (brief) display for items we own.

To determine if the bib record matches the piece you're searching, examine the top and bottom sections of the record.

–›1 Vida perdida /

–›2 Ernesto Cardenal

–›3 2003 1. ed.

–›4 Spanish –›5 Book –›6 447 p. ; 21 cm.

–›7 México, D.F. : Fondo de Cultura Económica, ; –›8 ISBN: 9681669363

This top section of the WorldCat record gives brief bibliographic information, including:

–›1 Title
–›2 Author
–›3 Publication date and edition statement
–›4 Language
–›5 Format (book, serial, etc.)
–›6 pagination and size
–›7 Place of publication and publisher
–›8 ISBN

Title: Vida perdida /
Author(s): Cardenal, Ernesto.
Corp Author(s): Fondo de Cultura Económica (Mexico)
Publication: México, D.F. : Fondo de Cultura Económica, Edition: 1. ed.
Year: 2003
Description: 447 p. ; 21 cm.
Note(s): Edition statement from label on t.p.; Includes bibliographical references and index.; Reproduction: Photocopy. S.l. : s.n., 2004?
Language: Spanish
Series: Colección Tierra firme; Memorias ;; 1; Variation: Cardenal, Ernesto.; Memorias (Fondo de Cultura Econbomica (Mexico)) ;; 1.; Colección Tierra firme (Fondo de Cultura Económica (Mexico))
Standard No: ISBN: 9681669363 (v. 1)
Named Person: Cardenal, Ernesto.
Identifier: Ernesto Cardenal; Nicaraguan Poets; 20th century; Biography
Class Descriptors: LC: PQ7519.C34
Responsibility: Ernesto Cardenal.
Material Type: Biography (bio)
Document Type: Book
Entry: 20031121
Update: 20040127
Accession No: OCLC: 53868595
Database: WorldCat

The bottom section of the WorldCat record gives more complete bibliographic information, with each field identified by a descriptor.

  • Title field displays information from the 245 field (subfields a and b).
  • Author field displays information from the 100 field.
  • Publication information includes place of publication and publisher. The edition statement is also included in this field.
  • Year field includes the date from the 260 field, subfield c.
  • Note(s) field includes all notes from 5XX fields, including reproduction notes from a 533 field.
  • Series field includes all forms of the series present in the record, in both 4XX and 8XX fields. For example, if a bib record includes a 490 field and an accompanying 830, both forms of the series will display in the same Series field in the WorldCat display.
  • Subject(s) area includes subject headings, identified as "named person", "identifier", etc. It is not possible to tell from the WorldCat display if these are LCSH (Library of Congress) subject headings, or if the headings are properly coded (if the MARC 6XX field contains a second indicator "0").
  • Class Descriptors field includes call numbers (090 or 050, subfield a portion only) identified by classification scheme (LC would be the Library of Congress and Dewey would be the Dewey Decimal classification scheme). It is not possible to tell from this display if a complete call number is present in the record (that is, if the call number includes Cutter no. and date, or if the call number is an anal number).
  • Accession No. field includes the OCLC bib record number.

Use title, author, publication, year, description, language, series, and standard no. fields, plus format information from the top section to determine if the record is a match.