Michigan State University

SkyRiver Setup

The SkyRiver.db file holds all your saved records and your constant data.  It should be located in: C: Users: username: skyriver   (Note this file name is in all lower case.)

The SkyRiver folder under the C drive has capital letters, and is NOT the place for the .db file.  The C: SkyRiver folder contains the .xml documents that store your macros, toolbar customizations, and record editor customizations.  This folder also contains the actual SkyRiver program and Java (jre) files.

In SkyRiver, under File > Local File Manager , you need to select a default file for: Bibliographic records, Authority records, Bibliographic constant data, Authority constant data, and Batch searches.  If you have no default .db file, or the wrong default .db file, you should Add the correct file using the Add button on the right.  Navigate to C:Users:username:skyriver and select the .db file.   Click Open.  When this file shows up in the Local File Manager dialog box, select it and click the Set as Default button on the right.  Do this for each type of record & constant data (i.e. at least 4 times).

You can change the way the catalog records look in your record editor.  To do so, go to Edit > Settings.  It will  NOT affect the display of a catalog record in the public catalog if you choose ‘Bold’ for the font in the record editor; this choice will just make the text in the record editor stand out more clearly.  Changing the actual font, however, is NOT recommended since that may limit the types of letters and characters you can use.  You may change the background and foreground colors of the record editor.

You can also customize your toolbar under Edit > Settings.  Drag commands from the left side of the box to the right side to make these commands appear on your toolbar.