Michigan State University

Item Record Status Codes

- AVAILABLE Item allowed to be checked out.
$         LOST & PAID Lost and paid for by patron who had it checked out.
)           MELCAT CANCL'D The system, staff or patron has canceled the request.
(           MELCAT PAGED Request is paged at a potential lending site.
#         MELCAT RECVD Item has been received and checked in by borrowing library.
+          MEL RENEW PEND Patron requested renewal and approval is waiting.
_          MELCAT RE-REQ Original site cannot fill request and it has been assigned to another site.
%        MELCAT RET'D Borrowing library has checked in item from patron and is returning it to the lender.
@       OFF CAMPUS Item is currently on loan to a MelCat library.
!           ON HOLDSHELF Item is on the hold shelf:  Used by MSU Libraries, Library of Michigan and MSU College of Law.
&         REQUESTED  
a           LM RECOVERY  
b           ASK AT CIRC-B Book is missing pages and Binding is working on replacing them.
c          REQUEST ILL Collection Renewal item.
d           CHECK DRAWER Check microfiche or microfilm drawer.
e           ELECTRONIC Electronic item.
f           ON-SITE USE Library of Michigan code for on-site use only.
g           NEW BK SHELF  
h         LM TECH SERV  
j           REQUEST ILL Book sent to Google to be scanned and is not available for use.
l           LOST: TRY ILL CatMan searching for lost item.
m         LOST: TRY ILL Patron Services searching for lost item.
n          BILLED Patron billed for lost item.
o          LIB USE ONLY Item for use in library only and not allowed to be checked out.
p          ON TEMP LOAN Item on temporary loan to an institution outside of the library.
r           ASK AT CIRC-R Book is at Preservation for repair.
s           ON SEARCH  
t           IN TRANSIT Item is in route from one library location to another.
u          ON DISPLAY Item on display.
w        REQUEST ILL 1. Book is in freezer awaiting repair, or 2. Book is in the Collection Renewal workflow awaiting a decision.
x          RESTRICTED USE  
z          RETDBKSEARCH Patron claimed item was returned.  However, item is still missing.