Michigan State University

Conservation Truck

  1. The truck is received by the Monographs Quality Control staff member and is delivered by a Conservation staff member.
  2. Look up each book in the catalog. Then:
    1. Barcode. Make sure the barcode is on the back. If no barcode is present, give it one, unless it is going to Special Collections. If it has been barcoded on the inside, duplicate barcode it on the back. Sometimes a barcode will be clipped onto a slip of paper in the book. Make a decision about keeping that barcode (by duplication) or replacing it with a new one.
    2. If the call number is not already written on the inside of the book go ahead and write it.
    3. If the book is going to a branch library, stamp it for its destination and make sure to use a yellow barcode.
    4. If the piece is in a preservation box, barcode the box and put a duplicate barcode on the back of the book.
  3. Check item records for:
    1. Status should be clear of the letters: r, p, or i. The default status is "-", but it may also have a status "o" if the title is non-circ.
    2. Note from Conservation discussing the work done on the book.
    3. Clean up item as necessary, i.e. volume holdings, spacing etc.
  4. Flags
    1. "Erase" flags. Bring all books with this flag to Patron Services desk. Give to the supervisor on duty so they can distribute work to students.
    2. Flags with barcodes. Use your own discretion. Either use that barcode and dup a new one for the back of the book, or throw it away and give the book a new barcode on the back. If you chose to give it a new one, make sure to enter the barcode number into the item record "b" barcode field.
    3. All other flags: recycle or throw away.
  5. If the book has been checked for the above-mentioned steps, and has the correct call # label, and is barcoded on the back, it can go directly to central distribution.
  6. Keep the remaining books without labels on the truck and add the truck to the labeling workflow. Give the truck a number and mark the truck on blue truck flow sheet near room W128.
  7. After truck is labeled, it will come back to Monograph Quality Controller who will revise it and put books onto the central distribution shelves on 1 East.
  8. Return truck to Conservation or email them to come pick it up.