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Catalog Maintenance Work and Withdrawal Statistics Sheet

To print form, see below and click on Excel Attachment. 

Starting fy 2014/2015, please record total withdrawals of both number of titles and the number of volumes. 

Recording Withdrawal Stats onto the Monthly Withdrawal Sheet

  • When you submit your withdrawal sheets to Don, please supply a total amount for each category.
  • The stats sheet is split into two categories, withdrawn titles and withdrawn volumes.
    • The first row is where Mono or Serial withdrawn titles are recorded.  In the second row record withdrawn volumes (pieces).
    • When recording a single title, mark once on the top row (mono or serial as appropriate). In the second row under volumes record another mark for each withdrawn volume (piece).
  • Do not record a title withdrawn until the entire record is withdrawn from the catalog.
    • Multi parts or serials:
      • If there are any volumes left on the record do not count the title as withdrawn.
      • Record a title withdrawn only when the title is completely withdraw from the catalog.
  • Bound volumes are recorded as one volume, do not count the individual volumes bound together. 
Stat Sheet Data Cat.xls42 KB