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Serial call numbers on Adds/Add-Rush titles

Local policy:

If both enumeration (for example, v., ed., Bd.) and chronology (e.g., year) are present on the piece, both are recorded in the following places:

  1. on the SERIAL ACQUISITIONS streamer for SERIAL ADD, beneath where the call number is written.

  2. in the VOLUME field of the item record, and

  3. on the call number label or in the piece where the call number is written (if the piece is getting barcoded in Tech. Serv.).

(The chronology may or may not appear in the 362 or 500 field in the bib. record.)

When more than one type of date is present on the piece, select the date/year from the following preferred dates, in this order:

  1. Date of designation

  2. Date of coverage

  3. Date of publication

  4. Date of copyright

  5. Date of printing

Examples of dates:

The date of designation may appear on the title page, cover, or spine and usually corresponds to what is recorded in the 362 or 500 field.

The date of publication may appear at the bottom of the title page or the verso/back of the title page.

As it looks on the piece As the piece is labeled (beneath call number) As it is recorded on the item record in the VOLUME field
v. 10 1999
[published in 2000]
v.10 1999
v. 10
Annual report…ending fiscal year July 31, 1999
[published in 2000]
(Designation date is the same as the coverage date.)
v.10 1999
Annual report covering July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999
[published in 2000]
(Designation date is the same as the coverage date.)
1998/1999 1998/1999
2000 annual report covering Sept. 1, 1998 to Aug. 30, 1999
[published in 2001]
(Designation, coverage and publication dates all present-
Use designation date.)
2000 2000
1991 v.1
c1992 [copyright date]
(3 vols. per year)
1991 v.1
1 1999
(no enumeration caption on piece, nor in LIB HAS and LDR)
no.1 1999