Michigan State University

New Book Revision

(For Shelf Ready Book Revision, see below)

Verify call number on label matches the call number written in book. If any errors, place relabel streamer in book and place on "new book relabel shelf", bottom shelf next to labeling typewriter near team printer. Watch for any selin labels that may be peeling off.

Verify the correct barcode color has been used (check for location stamp above call number). White - Main, Reference, Labor, Maps, etc. Yellow - Business, etc. Pink - Music.

REFERENCE books should not appear on these trucks. If any are found, give to Group Leader.

Book should have either an MSU property stamp or sticker on inside front cover. Gift books will have a gift plate instead of the property stamp.

All books should have a date due slip pasted in the front EXCEPT Art books. Music books receive a pink date due.

Paper covers should only come with Art or Music books, placed in the back of the book. Only the book is labeled, not the paper cover.

Chavez books have a special red book plate in the front and 2 large C's near the call number (above the label on the spine, or beside the label on the front).

Oversize books need an "oversize" sticker by the call number (above call number on the spine, or below call number on the front of book). Oversize books for Art and non-score oversize for Music have the word "folio" included at the bottom of the call number. Watch for books that may be oversize (over 30 cm.) and not stamped oversize above the cataloger's handwritten call number.

G1000-G9999 books should all be in Maps (not Main).

All K's go to Business unless in Reference, Labor, etc. None should be sent to Main.

M call numbers all go to Music.

All N call numbers are usually Art or Planning & Design (none in Main).

All TR's are Art.

Art books not in the N's or TR's need a special "Art" label placed above the call number.

Set problem books aside and give to Group Leader.

All other books may be shelved.

  1. Branch books with yellow barcodes get shelved in the Mailroom.
  2. Branch books in main building get shelved on the Tech. Serv. sorting shelves in the hallway.
  3. New books (including Asian titles) going to main should be arranged in full call number order.
    • Check for acidity; any having acid content should be pulled, place a de-acid streamer in each and send to Binding Prep.
    • The remaining books need an infinity symbol stamped on the top of each book.
    • Count and record the number of books going to New Book Shelves and count and record books going for deacidification.
    • Scan barcodes for inventory and place the books on the New Book Shelves.

If we have special trucks (a special project filling 1 entire truck or more), the Shelving unit should be called or emailed to come and retrieve the trucks for shelving.

Shelf Ready Book Revision

Books that come on the shelf ready plan remain separate from the regular labeling/barcoding process and receive their own truck number. Shelf ready trucks are barcoded by the student barcoder once they are received in Catalog Maintenance. After they are barcoded they are revised and placed on the new book shelves.

Check for MSU property stamp and barcode. These books do not have call numbers written in them; BUT, if they are going to a location other than main they need to have the location stamp in the usual spot. Multiple copies, folio, etc. should also be written in this area.

Multiple copies, folio, "art location label", Cesar Chavez information, etc., will need to have this added to the label.

Main books go to the new book shelves as above.

Branch books (except Art) receive date due slips. Music books receive pink date due slips.

Music books need to have the item record location changed to "munbk".

The "barcoding sign" on the truck goes back to Acquisitions.