Michigan State University

On July 2nd, starting at 1 am, the Library's catalog will be undergoing a server migration, which will take approximately 6 hours.  It will be down during that time.  SearchPlus and MelCat will still be available to search MSU Libraries holdings.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Faded Duplicate Barcode

Circulation may find barcodes that are unscannable. The following procedures should be followed to place scannable barcodes on the pieces.

  1. Circ. will add a streamer to unscannable books and they will come to Catalog Maintenance on the Cat/Circ Review truck.
  2. If there IS A BARCODE on the inside of the book:
    • Peel off the shield on the outside, back of the book. The top layer of the barcode will come off with the shield
    • Duplicate the barcode on the inside of the book. Affix the duplicated barcode to the back cover and place a shield over it.
    • No catalog verification or checking is needed.
  3. If there IS NO BARCODE on the inside of the book:
    • Peel off the shield over the barcode.
    • Affix a new barcode to the back of the book and place a shield over it.
    • Update the catalog item record with the new barcode number.
  4. Pieces should be returned to the stacks with other Cat/Circ Review materials.