Michigan State University

Africana Posters Procedures

  1. Check the Africana Posters Tally spreadsheet to see where to begin numbering.
  2. Search Sierra by title or keyword found on the poster.  If no record is found in Sierra, search in Connexion.  If no record is found there, you will need to create an original record in Connexion.
  3. If the record is found in Sierra or Connexion, check to make sure record matches item in hand.  Pay particular attention to the language values in the MARC fixed and variable fields and spelling of proper names, etc.  If you cannot understand or determine the language, bring the poster up to Jessica Achberger in the African Studies Dept., or email her at achberg2@lib.msu.edu and she will help you figure it out.
  4. See the Constant Data sheet for Africana Posters to help you create an original record. For a good example of a template record, see b81337085 in Sierra.
  5. If there is no text on the poster, mark the MARC Lang fixed field as “zxx”.
  6. Un-suppress all copy records found in Sierra.
  7. Add a |d EEM to the MARC 040 field.
  8. LC call numbers are not required for these posters, but can be added based on cataloger's judgment (MARC field 090). In addition to any LC numbers, add a finding aid number, i.e. MSS 379-01 in MARC field 099. Check the Africana Posters Tally spreadsheet to see where to begin numbering. Add this prefix, |f mapcase, to the finding aid number.  You will write this number on the back of the poster and also in the Africana Posters Tally spreadsheet.
  9. Keep the posters in order.  
  10. Ensure measurements of poster are correct by measuring the item using a yardstick.
  11. Check to make sure publisher, location and date of publication are correct.
  12. Verify all corporate bodies and personal names and check LC Authorities for proper format.
  13. Make sure each field has an 830 field, like this: 830_0 Africana posters collection. |5 MiEM
  14. If the poster was donated by professor David Wiley, make a 590 and 700 note in the record (his authority record is n81150242 in Connexion).
  15. If there are no 650s, 651s, 610s, etc., present, use ClassWeb to assign subject headings.
  16. If posters are created in Africa, you can add the 655 genre heading: 655_0 Posters, African.
  17. Add a form/genre subheading to 650s if applicable: |v Posters.
  18. Add a form/genre heading 655_7 Posters. |2 lcgft
  19. Make sure that an item record is present for each item.  If a second copy of the item exists, DO NOT create a second item record.  Leave the duplicate in the folder of cataloged posters, however, and write its finding aid number and the word “dup” on the back to signify it is a duplicate.
  20. Enter your work stat code in the item record and save: ex. cmscopygrphngs
  21. When you are finished with your bib record, always print out a copy of the MARC record, highlight the finding aid call number, and paper clip it to the poster using a plastic paper clip (metal paperclips will rust and damage the poster).
  22. Bring the finished posters down to Peter Berg in Special Collections for intake. If he is not there, tell the person at the desk that you have posters ready for Peter Berg, and leave them on the large table.