Michigan State University

Oversize - Main

Titles cataloged for Main that measure over 30 cm. tall should have the size in the 300 field rounded up to 31 cm. A size of 31 cm. means the piece is considered oversize. Titles that are 30 cm. in depth should also be considered to be oversize. The depth of a piece is reflected in the 300 field by using an x to separate height and depth. I.E:. 26 x 30 cm. The 30 represents the depth of the title.

Main Library location titles that are 31 cm. in height or 30 cm. in depth should be processed for the Oversize Collection.

  1. Stamp the piece with the Oversize Coll. location stamp.
  2. Write the call number in the piece as usual. There is no need to include the old "f." in the call number.
  3. Labeling staff will mark the outside of the piece that has a location stamp of Oversize Coll. with a label that states the word OVERSIZE. This label will be placed above the call number label on the outside of the piece.
  4. Use the Oversize Coll. location - ov in the 949 field when exporting a record into our catalog.
  5. Use QEMS in the 049 field of the record being exported to our catalog.
  6. Do not use a "f." or any folio notation in the call number in our catalog.

Locations other than the Oversize Coll. and Fine Arts will no longer require any folio or oversize information. No "f." will appear in any call number in any title that is being processed now.