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Locally-mounted Resources

The Libraries sometimes receives material on a CD-ROM, flash drive, etc., which is mounted on one or more computers and is accessible only from those computers. It is also possible for an online resource to be accessible only from one or more specific computers.

The volume field of the item record should be used to record which computers contain the resource. If the resource is on a computer in more than one location (e.g., Reference and Business), there will need to be more than one item record.

The 300 field will normally reflect the actual medium of the resource (e.g., CD-ROM). To avoid confusion, however, do not follow the usual practice of adding a form term such as CD-ROM or Online to the call number.

Include a prominent 590 note which states the specifics of accessing the resource locally.

For examples, see: Simmons OneView (.b3910909) and The last great cartographic myth (.b93705621).