Michigan State University

Student Procedures: Calling Up Book-in-Hand Printouts

Types of Searches Using Sky River

  1. Title-Author
    • Uses title and part or all of author's name in an effort to narrow the search scope
  2. Title
  3. Author
    • Personal Name
    • Corporate Name
  4. ISBN number
    • 0000000000 (10 digits, no dashes)
    • 0000000000000 (13 digits, no dashes)
  5. ISSN number
    • 0000-0000 (4 digits, dash, 4 digits)

For each book, perform all applicable searches from items 1, 2, and 3 in the above list. Examine all matching records in order to determine if there is an exact EEM record in the database. If exact EEM copy is not found, select the best available record or combination of records according to the priority list below. If no matching record is found after performing the first set of searches, proceed to items 4, 5, and 6 above, taking available information from the book whenever possible, or from the purchase order slip or MAGIC 2 streamer if needed.

SkyRiver Copy Priority List

SkyRiver tries to have a minimum of records for each title, in many cases, there will be only one. The following list sets priorities for selecting a record if there is more than one. Copy fitting the first category is the best choice, if it is available; subsequent categories are arranged in descending order of quality. If, for any given book, you cannot find copy that fits the first category, look for copy fitting the second category. If no copy is found that fits the second category, look for copy fitting the third category, and so forth. Make a printout of the best available copy for each book (with supplementary copy as needed and available), and then move on to the next item.

  1. Exact EEM copy (the record will have a gold checkmark + MSU in the upper left-hand corner).
  2. Exact DLC copy with a usable call number in the 050 field.
  3. Exact non-DLC copy with a usable call number in the 090 field.
  4. Exact copy without a usable call number in either the 050 or 090 fields.
    • Note: Please also print the best available copy from among the following, if they are found:
      1. related DLC copy with a usable call number in the 050 field;
      2. related non-DLC copy with a usable call number in the 090 field.
  5. Related DLC or non-DLC copy, with or without a usable call number. (Related copy may have the same author and title as the book in hand, but with a different edition, imprint, or conference, or the title may be slightly different.)
  6. No copy. This means there is no exact or related record in SkyRiver. No printout is made.

NOTE: Bibliographic records should reflect the item's format. Please do not use records with [electronic resource] in the 245 field for books.