Michigan State University

Ordering and Receiving: Gifts

As of the Fall of 2009, responsibility for Gifts intake rests with the Collections division.  Acquisitions maintains a gifts review shelf, where incoming gifts are placed for Bibliographer review.  Bibliographers complete a streamer indicating whether or not they wish to add the title to the collection.  Materials are then transferred to the appropriate Gift shelf (Shelf 2 for unwanted items or Shelf 3 for materials selected for inclusion).  Collections retrieves all Shelf 3 materials for further review, and returns materials to be cataloged for the collection to Shelf 4.  Acquisitions staff then tattletapes Shelf 4 materials and transfers them to the Bib/Order shelves in Acquisitions.  Brief bib and order records are then created in Sierra and materials are transferred to the appropriate cataloging workflow.

Beard Collection materials

Material destined for the Beard Collection in Turfgrass are cataloged and processed in Copy Cataloging.  Transfer these materials to the Beard shelf in Copy Cataloging.  These materials must not be stamped or written in. They will need a barcode.  Catalogers will send the call number along with the book on an attached note. See also: Beard Collection Cataloging.

Bib/Order Procedure
Copy Cataloging: Gifts Copy Cataloging Procedure