Michigan State University

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Study Lounge Renovation

Almost 50 years ago, the MSU Libraries were the recipient of the class gift from the graduates of 1956: furnishings for a smoking lounge.

The lounge was created on the third floor of what is now the library's West Wing, in a lovely spot looking out over the Beal Botanical Garden.

It may be hard to imagine today, but the smoking lounge was part of the vitality of the library. It was a gathering place for students and faculty, where a chance conversation might inspire a new idea for a research paper, or even be the start of a lifelong friendship.

As times changed, the seating and décor changed too. Now, we're revisioning this space. Stephen Wilensky and Mark Ritzenhein have generously donated a contemporary sculpture, Clang Tone, to serve as the anchor for the newly remodeled study lounge.

Our priority for this area is funding to support renovation and new furniture for the 3 West study lounge, so that we can continue to offer MSU students welcoming spaces for study and conversation.

Soon-to-be-renovated study space on 3 West.

This pleasant space looking out on the Beal Garden was once the Main Library smoking lounge. After renovation, it will be a signature space, once again crowded with students.

Library director Cliff Haka with the sculpture Clang Tone.

The contemporary sculpture Clang Tone will anchor the renovated study space on 3 West.