Michigan State University

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Immediate Gifts

Many of our friends find that an immediate gift of cash is the easiest way to support the MSU Libraries. A receipt for your tax-deductible gift will be mailed to you.

Give online:

You may donate online to the MSU Libraries or one of our collections.

Give by check:

Make your check payable to Michigan State University and mail to:

Office of Development
Michigan State University Libraries
366 West Circle Drive (Room W102-J)
East Lansing, MI  48824

Give by credit card:

To give by credit card, please call our Development Officer, Seth Martin, at (517) 884-6446. He'll be happy to charge your credit card.

Mrs. Selma Hollander cutting a white ribbon

Mrs. Selma Hollander provided funds for the renovation of a faculty carrel in memory of her late husband, Dr. Stanley Hollander.