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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Ladenson, Sharon 884-0891
Social Sciences Main Library Building, WG1B (16) ladenson@msu.edu view
Lamb, Greg 884-6461
InterLibrary Services Main Library Building, W118 (5) lambgreg@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Laney, Michael 517-884-8983
Digital & Multimedia Center/Vincent Voice Library Main Library Building, W443 (14) laneymic@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Lauer, Joseph 884-0839
Area Studies Main Library Building, E223 (21) lauer@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Leavitt, Laura 355-4647
Business Law College Building, 50 leavitt9@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Lee, Kristen 353-8816
Distance Learning Services Main Library Building, E303A (20) leekrist@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Leenheer, Adam Facilities Support / Mailroom Main Library Building leenhee1@msu.edu view
Lektzian, Stacy 353-5306
Distance Learning Services Main Library Building, E303A (20) pearso21@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Levy, Suzanne 884-6732
Catalog Maintenance Main Library Building, W106 (4) levys@msu.edu view
Limb, Peter 517-884-0838
Area Studies Main Library Building, E224B (21) limb@msu.edu view
Lindsay, Joan 884-0880
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) lindsayj@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Lucas, Nancy 884-0833
Reference Main Library Building, W441 (13) lucasn@msu.edu view