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The Main Library will not open until 8:30 am on Friday, June 30 because we will be holding a secure-in-place drill.

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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Jackson, Quintella 517-884-0847
Reference Main Library Building jacksonq@mail.lib.msu.edu view
James, Andrea 517-884-0801
Catalog Maintenance Main Library Building, W128 (4) jamesa@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Jenkins, Rita 517-884-0815
Acquisitions Main Library Building, W106 (3) jenkinsr@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Johnson, Jay 517-884-0832
Facilities Support / Mailroom Main Library Building, WG1 (22) john2972@msu.edu view
Johnson, Cameron 517-884-2101
Distance Learning Services Main Library Building, E303 (20) john2231@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Jones, Kristina 517-884-0845
Hollander MakeCentral Main Library Building, W208 (8) jonesk89@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Jones, Ruth Ann 517-884-0910
Special Collections Main Library Building, W441 (13) jonesr@msu.edu view
Junus, Ranti 517-884-0878
Technical Services Main Library Building, W106 (4) junus@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Jurado, Ryan Distance Learning Services Main Library Building, E303A (20) juradory@mail.lib.msu.edu view