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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Galatian, Kirt 517-353-0015
Facilities Support / Mailroom Main Library Building, WG1 (22) galatia1@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Garmo, Susan 517-884-1964
Administrative Services Main Library Building, W114 (26) garmo@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Gildner, Ed 517-884-0907
Binding Preparation Main Library Building, WG1 (2) gildnere@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Gliwa, Duane 517-485-1860
Stacks Maintenance Main Library Building, Remote Storage Building 1 gliwad@msu.edu view
Gong, Dao 517-884-0884
Online Catalog Main Library Building, W106 (4) gongd@msu.edu view
Graff, Susan 517-884-6459
Stacks Maintenance Main Library Building, EG2 (2) graffs@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Granskog, Kay 517-884-0814
Technical Services Main Library Building, W110 (3) granskog@msu.edu view
Graves, Carin 517-884-0854
Collections Main Library Building, W118 (6) gravesc@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Guzman, Jackie 517-355-3387
Business Law College Building guzmanj9@mail.lib.msu.edu view