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Due to major system maintenance, you will not be able to request items through MeLCat beginning on November 18, 2015.  Renewals for MeLCat items will still be possible until December 2, 2015.  The system should be available for requesting again in early December.  If you are MSU faculty, student or staff, please try Uborrow.  Our community borrowers will not have access to interlibrary loan through MSU during that time. For more information, please read this MeLCat Server Migration FAQ. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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The area code for most MSU numbers is 517. If something else is listed, please use that.

Name Phone Unit Location Email Profile
Carr, Nora 355-3387
Special Collections Main Library Building, W118 (6) carrn@msu.edu view
Carter, Laura 884-6470
Digital & Multimedia Center/Vincent Voice Library Main Library Building, W430B (14) carterl@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Caswell-Olson, Bexx 884-0802
Collections Conservation Main Library Building, WG13 (1) caswellr@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cha, Hsiang-ping 884-0815
Electronic Resources Maintenance Main Library Building, W106 (3) chah@msu.edu view
Chavez-Wilson, Patricia 884-1946
Circulation Services Main Library Building, E102 (24) chavezwi@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cheng, Cen 884-4987
InterLibrary Services Main Library Building, W---- (5) chengcen@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Chua, Hui Hua 517-884-0856
Government Documents Main Library Building, WG1C (16) chua@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cochrane, Jeannie 884-0820
Catalog Maintenance Main Library Building, W106 (4) cochran3@lib.msu.edu view
Cocozzoli, Drew 884-2101
Distance Learning Services Main Library Building, E303A (20) cocozzo3@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cocozzoli, Tom 884-0829
Cataloging & Metadata Services Main Library Building, W106 (4) cocozzo1@msu.edu view
Collie, Aaron 884-0867
Digital & Multimedia Center/Vincent Voice Library Main Library Building, W441 (13) collie@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Collins, Nathan 884-0875
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) colli372@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cookingham, Pete 884-1950
Turfgrass Main Library Building, W301L (10) cooking1@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cooper, Paul 884-0870
Systems Main Library Building, W441 (13) cooperp5@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cork, Sharen 884-0820
Catalog Maintenance Main Library Building, W106 (4) cork@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Crum, Loretta 517-884-6468
Course Materials Program Main Library Building, W224 (9) cruml@mail.lib.msu.edu view
Cunningham, Shannon 517-884-7930
Engineering Engineering Building, 1515 cunnin97@msu.edu view