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Special Collections
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the Special Collections reading room at the MSU LibrarySpecial Collections

Special Collections was established in 1962 to hold, preserve, build, and make accessible rare materials and special collections in the MSU Libraries. All materials must be used in the Special Collections reading room to protect and preserve them for use today and in the future.

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An extensive selection of writings by and about one of the world's most celebrated librarians is held in Special Collections. The librarian is Jorge Luis Borges, whose short stories, essays, and poetry influenced generations of writers and readers. The Borges collection, acquired in 1973, contains virtually all the first editions of Borges' works, including Ficciones (Buenos Aires, 1944), the MSU Libraries two millionth volume. The most recent addition to the collection is the manuscript of his celebrated 1950 essay, La Muralla y Los Libros ("The Wall and the Books"), which was a gift of Professor Donald Yates in 2003.