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Ethnic Studies Collection

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African American Collection

African American materials in Special Collections are rich in a variety of formats, covering several decades and ranging from assorted political and cultural magazines and newspapers, through rare books and popular literature. Over 45 serial titles represent magazines and newspapers from all areas of the United States. Some are political in nature, such as The Black Panther, newspaper of the Black Panther Party. Others are samples of popular magazines not generally retained by by research libraries, like Jet and Sepia. Cataloged collections of over 50 African American related film scripts and over 100 pieces of sheet music support studies of the Black presence in mainstream American popular culture. Special Collections was one of the original depositories for the transcripts of the Black Women Oral History Project, conducted at the Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe College, on the History of Women in America. Early works on slavery, the slave trade, and the anti-slavery movement are also present.
Ethnic Studies Collections

Latin American and Latino History and Culture

United Farm Workers' pamphlets and documents, Spanish language comics, poetry chapbooks by Chicana and Chicano authors, and popular culture materials from Central and South America are all collected in Special Collections. Highlights include:

  • A Mexican comics collections as large as any in the English speaking world, which includes many of the works of Rius (Eduardo Reyes) in both Spanish and English.    
  • A large and growing archive documents activities of the Latino community in the Midwest.
  • More than 175 artists' books from Cuba's Ediciones VigÍa, and cartoneras editions from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Brazilian cordels ("stories on a string") collected in 2007, 2008, and 2010.