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Water Emergency: First Response

  1. REMAIN CALM. Personal safety comes first. Never enter a flooded area until you are confident there is no electrical or toxic hazard.
  2. CALL CIRCULATION DESK: 517.355.2333
  3. Provide the following information:

    • Your name
    • Your phone number
    • Your location
    • Nature and size of the emergency and exact location affected by water

    Circulation will then call the appropriate service personnel to remedy the situation.


    • For the MAIN LIBRARY, Circulation staff will then bring rolling barrel of disaster recovery supplies to you.
    • For BRANCH LIBRARIES, go to the the Disaster Barrel.
  4. Remove appropriate supplies from the DISASTER BARREL:
    • If water is coming from ceiling on to books or anything that might be damaged by water, throw plastic sheeting over the area.
    • If a plastic wastebasket could catch drips place it appropriately under the leak.
    • If water is on the floor, put down gator tails to keep it contained.
    • Cordon off the affected area with "Do Not Enter" tape.
  5. Follow your Unit's procedures for contacting a full time Library Staff Member to inform them of the situation.

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