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Disaster Team: First Response

Persons to summon when a disaster occurs at MSU Libraries

It is the responsibility of the first Library Staff member made aware of a disaster to call the Circulation Desk: 517.355.2333 to ensure that

Circulation will:

  1. Contact the appropriate service personnel (i.e. Trouble Truck)
  2. Contact a member of the Disaster Recovery Committee beginning with Peter Berg, if possible. He will determine if the Library Lines of Authority should be contacted.
  3. Take a Disaster Recovery barrel or other supplies to site of disaster, if necessary.

The first person contacted on the Disaster Recovery Committee will:

  1. Call the next person on the list of members until they speak to someone. The next person will do the same until all members have been alerted, unless the emergency is deemed minor. In that case, the next person contacted should send a message via email to "disaster" explaining what has happened and who is helping with the situation and if other members are or will be needed, where they should report, etc.
  2. The first person contacted (or a designee) will then go to the disaster site and determine if more committee members are needed to assist with the recovery work. Proceed to: Disaster Site Checklist

Team Responsibilities:

Facilities Member:

Recovery Coordinator: Head of Conservation

Assistant Recovery Coordinator:

Team Responsibilities ↑

Recorder: To be designated from available team members

Team Members:

Administrative Representative: Head of Preservation

Funds Manager: Head of Accounting

Systems Manager: Head of Systems

Team Responsibilities ↑

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