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Disaster Site Checklist

The first member of the Disaster Recovery Team on-site should first ascertain the situation is active or post-event. If the situation is active (that is, the fire is still burning or the water is still gushing, that person should work through steps in "First Person On-site - Active event in progress" first and then proceed to "Post-Event Scene Instructions".

First Person On-site - Active event in progress

If the situation is active, that is, the fire is still burning or the water is still gushing, that person should do the following:

  1. Notify the police, fire department, emergency paramedics, and Physical Plant Trouble Truck as required. Safety is the primary concern. Emergency procedures for fire evacuation should be followed.
    • Police & Fire - Dial 911
    • Physical Plant - Dial 517.353.1760, 7:30-5pm weekdays; Dial "0" for emergency service at other times

    If needed, assist in evacuating scene. Do not re-enter scene until situation has been judged safe. Do not endanger yourself or your staff.

    Make yourself known to DPS, fire personnel, and Physical Plant workers on scene.

  2. In the following order, you should notify the following, as soon as possible from a safe location.
  3. Consult the Disaster Manual for more specifics.

Post-Event Scene Instructions

These instructions assume that the structure has been rated safe for entry by non-emergency personnel.

Until additional staff arrive, the first person should undertake the following:

  1. Call the Disaster Recovery Coordinator and the Preservation Officer if not already present.
  2. If in a Branch, notify appropriate branch staff and administrators. station.
  3. Establish a command/control/communications station.
  4. Secure the perimeter of the affected area from unauthorized entry. Use yellow perimeter tape available from DPS, Physical Plant, or from Library Stores.
  5. Delegate the following tasks as help arrives:
    • Secure the perimeter.
    • Call the members of the Disaster Team.
    • Reconnoiter and assess the extent of the problem.
    • Bring/obtain a copy of the Disaster Manual on-site.
    • Formulate a plan of action to determine activity priorities and immediate supply requirements.
    • Obtain the list of rare/valuable/fragile materials for the site you are working at. These materials should be addressed first.
    • Obtain supplies from the Disaster Recovery Storage Closet located near the Beaumont Tower. Inquire at Circulation Desk. Fans, wet-dry vacs, etc. may be appropriated from other areas of the library as required.
    • Appoint person to meet and direct staff and supplies.
    • Set up teams to sort and deal with different material types - i.e. books, maps, papers, computers.
    • Establish a production line to handle different types of materials.
    • Train volunteers on the spot.

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