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Recovery Barrels

Click here to reorder Disaster Barrel Supplies (restricted access for Library Staff only).

Disaster supplies are stored in the Preservation Office (WG11). Equipment which could be useful in a disaster is kept by the Library stock clerk, a disaster barrel is kept in each of the following areas within the Main Library: Special Collections, DMC, Beaumont Supply Closet. In an emergency, the DRC Coordinator and Committee are authorized to appropriate supplies from anywhere in the library.

The DRC Coordinator is responsible for maintaining an inventory and location of disaster supplies, and reordering supplies to maintain recommended stock level. The following is a list of supplies recommended for disaster response.

Main Library

Item Size / Amount
*Bucket with lid 5 gal.
*Clipboard 1
*Disaster Manual & Disaster Response Wheel 1 each
*Fishing line 1
*Flashlight - self-charging 1
*Garbage bags 1 box
*Gator Tails 4
*Gloves - cloth 1 pair
*Gloves - rubber 1 pair
*Knife - utility 1
*Lab coat 4
*Masks 2
*Mop-sponge 2
*Pad of lined paper
*Pencils - sharpened 12
*Pens 2
*Permanent markers 2
*Scissors 1 pair
*Sponges 2
*Barricade Tape - "Do Not Enter"
Packing Tape - Water resistant to tape sheeting
Paper towels 2 rolls
Wastebasket 1
Wax paper 1 box
Ziploc bags

* Items which might be usually stocked in the Library's general supplies need not be duplicated in a disaster closet, if their location is recorded and availability is reliable.

Disaster Barrel Locations

Within the Main Library Building

  • Beaumont Entrance Storage Room
  • DMC 4-West
  • Special Collections - Ground East

Outside Main Library

  • Business Library
  • Engineering Library
  • Gull Lake Library
  • Mathematics Library
  • University Archives
  • Veterinary Medicine Library

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