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The MSU Libraries presents two visualization workshops in the Main Library:


Two QGIS workshops will be held in MSU's Main Library, Beaumont Instruction Room. Both workshops...

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Math Library Endowments

Math Formulas

The Marvin L. Tomber Endowment:

Marvin L. Tomber was a member of the Mathematics Department at MSU from 1955 to 1993, and was instrumental in creating the Mathematics Library. Friends of Dr. Tomber have established this endowment to support acquisitions of print and electronic journals, books, and other materials to further enhance the holdings of the Mathematics Library.

The Manderscheid Endowment:

Dorothy Manderscheid joined the MSU Libraries as a science librarian in 1984 and was the branch librarian for the Mathematics Library from 1989 to 1999. During her time there, she led the Mathematics Library through several major projects, including conversion to an automated circulation system and a complete renovation. The Manderscheid Endowment will allow the Mathematics Library to acquire print and electronic journals and books.

Alan Turing: Mathematician, WWII Code Breaker, Father of the Modern Computer, and Creator of the Artifical Intelligence Turing Test

Cipher Machine (Picture courtesy of Ciphermachines.com)

Now through Summer 2015

Math Library Exhibit Case

This exhibit features the role of Alan Turing in code-breaking efforts during WWII, his visionary ideas in the development of artificial intelligence, and his ultimately and tragic death.  Turing worked at the Government Code and Cypher School in Bletchley Park, (Buckinghamshire, England) to break the Enigma code.  Code breakers created "the bombe," a computer-like machine used to crack German encryption, which very possibly shortened the length of World War II by two years.  After the war Turing pursued his work in artificial intelligence.  His work was cut short, however, after Turing's prosecution for homosexuality led to his suicide in 1954, shortly before his forty-second birthday.

Exhibit produced by Jessica Young, with assistance from Christine DeFord.

Mango Languages

mango languages logo

Mango is an online interactive language learning tool, that combines sound, text (including captioning) and images. It covers more than 70 languages, including ASL, Arabic, English as a second language (in 17 versions for various language speakers), Canadian French, Igbo, Swahili and Yiddish.