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24-Hour Zine Thing

24-Hour Zine Thing

Make Your Own Zine at the MSU Main Library. A zine is a printed *thing* that’s been self-published. Zinesters handle everything from conception, to printing, to distribution totally on their own. It’s D.I.Y. media at its best. Zines are often short and small and they can be about anything! Read the FAQ to find out more about 24-Hour Zines.

Cosponsored by the Mid-Michigan Zine Fair, coming to East Lansing on October 11.

Please note: The MSU Main Library is open from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm on July24.

Parking is available in stadium lot 62W on Red Cedar Road. The Main Library is wheelchair accessible via the south entrance. Persons with disabilities may request accommodations by calling Susie Garmo at 517.884.6454 one week before an event. Requests received after that time will be met when possible.

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