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LexisNexis Statistical

LexisNexis Statistical

LexisNexis Statistical is an online index to statistical tables and publications. Search for complete publications or individual tables. It is the electronic version of three different indexes:

1. American Statistics Index (federal government sources)
2. Index to International Statistics (international intergovernmental organizations)
3. Statistical Reference Index (state government, private organizations)

Many of the publications found in LexisNexis Statistical are available online. Almost all others are available in the Government Documents microfiche collection.

For more information visit the LexisNexis Statistical Research Guide.


LexisNexis Statistical Datasets is a powerful new tool that supplements the traditional LexisNexis Statistical database by providing interactive datasets. This new interdisciplinary database assembles statistical information from government and private sources in one single interface. It aggregates over 590 licensed and public domain datasets provided by over 50 sources and makes 14 billion data points accessible. Researchers are able to manipulate datasets, make comparisons, chart trends over time and spatially represent data without having to use additional software programs.

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