Michigan State University

Chair/Recorder Duties

2016 LEC Meeting Schedule & Chair/Recorder Responsibilities

Chair Duties

  • Poll members for agenda items then combine those with outstanding business to create a meeting agenda.
  • Prioritize agenda items and allow sufficient time for discussion.
  • Send agenda to library staff, guests, and committee members prior to the meeting.
  • Send members and guests a meeting reminder the day before.
  • Chair meeting.

Recorder Duties

  • Record meeting content.
  • By the end of the meeting week, create concise minutes then e-mail them to members and guests for review and comment.
  • Members and guests should return their comments one to two days after receiving the minutes.
  • After review, Recorder will e-mail minutes to all library staff. Aaron Tomak will post these to the LEC website.
  • Compose the monthly Ecogram to library staff (topic chosen at the meeting). As of Spring 2013, send content to Aaron Tomak, who will design the Ecogram and distribute to Library Staff.