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The LEC typically meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 11am-noon in the South Conference Room in the Main Library. Committee members rotate chair and recorder duties.

To access past LEC meeting minutes, please visit the LEC Meeting Minutes page.

The LEC meeting schedule (including the chair/recorder schedule) for the current year is listed below.

2016 LEC Meeting Schedule & Chair/Recorder Responsibilities

Date Chair Recorder
1/26/16 Jonah Magar Emilia Marcyk
2/23/16 Emilia Marcyk Patrick Olson
3/22/16 Patrick Olson Stephanie Perentesis
4/26/16 Stephanie Perentesis Heidi Schroeder
5/24/16 Heidi Schroeder Eric Tans
6/28/16 Eric Tans Aaron Tomak
7/26/16 Aaron Tomak Loretta Crum
8/23/16 Loretta Crum Katie Emery
9/27/16 Katie Emery Susan Kendall
10/25/16 Susan Kendall Tim Kiser
11/22/16 Tim Kiser Jonah Magar
12/27/16 Canceled Canceled

2015 LEC Meeting Schedule & Chair/Recorder Responsibilities

Date Chair Recorder
1/27/15 Heidi Schroeder Emilia Marcyk
2/24/15 Eric Tans Aaron Tomak
3/24/15 Aaron Tomak Mike Unsworth
4/28/15 Susan Kendall Jonah Magar
5/26/15 Jonah Magar Heidi Schroeder
6/23/15 Heidi Schroeder Eric Tans
7/28/15 Eric Tans Emilia Marcyk
8/25/15 Emilia Marcyk Aaron Tomak
9/22/15 Aaron Tomak Stephanie Perentesis
10/27/15 Stephanie Perentesis Susan Kendall
11/24/15 Susan Kendall Jonah Magar
12/22/15 Canceled Canceled

2014 LEC Meeting Schedule & Chair/Recorder Responsibilities

Date Chair        Recorder
1/28/14 Kriss Ostrom Stephanie Perentesis
2/25/14 Stephanie Perentesis Heidi Schroeder
3/25/14 Mike Unsworth Eric Tans
4/22/14 Eric Tans Aaron Tomak
5/27/14 Aaron Tomak Mike Unsworth
6/24/14 Heidi Schroeder Hsiang-Ping Cha
7/22/14 Hsiang-Ping Cha Susan Kendall
8/26/14 Susan Kendall Jonah Magar
9/23/14 Jonah Magar Kriss Ostrom
10/28/14 Kriss Ostrom Stephanie Perentesis
11/25/14 Stephanie Perentesis Heidi Schroeder
12/23/14 Canceled? Canceled?

2013 LEC Meeting Schedule & Chair/Recorder Responsibilities

Date Chair        Recorder
1/22/13 Andrea Kepsel Elida Marti
2/26/13 Aaron Tomak Heidi Schroeder
3/26/13 Kriss Ostrom Stephanie Perentesis
4/30/13 Susan Kendall  Mike Unsworth
5/28/13 Heidi Schroeder Aaron Tomak
6/25/13 Canceled Canceled
7/23/13 Mike Unsworth Hsiang-Ping Cha
8/27/13 Hsiang-Ping Cha Susan Kendall
9/24/13 Stephanie Perentesis Andrea Kepsell
10/22/13 Andrea Kepsel Elida Marti
11/26/13 Elida Marti Kriss Ostrom
12/24/13 Canceled Canceled