Michigan State University



January:  Recyclemania 2014 (pdf)

February:  E-waste Recycling Event in the Library (pdf)

March:  New Paper Recycling Procedure on Campus (pdf)

April:  Earth Day Recycling Events on Campus (pdf)

May:  Office Power Saving Tips(pdf)

June:  None

July:  Medication Disposal (pdf)


January:  Do you Really Need that Bottled Water? (pdf)

February:  RecycleMania! (pdf)

March:  It's Time for Spring Cleaning (pdf)

April:  MSU Exceeds Recycling Goal! (pdf)

May:  Farmer's Market Season 2013 Begins (pdf)

June:  Meeting Canceled

July:  None

August:  Electronics Recycling (pdf)

September:  Community Reuse days (pdf)

October:  Campus Sustainability Week (pdf)

November:  None

December:  None


January:  Upcoming Environmental Events (pdf)

January:  One Day Collection for Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals (pdf)

February:  RecycleMania--Help MSU Win this Year! (pdf)

March:  Local Recycling Events This Spring (pdf)

August:  Our Wonderful Local Farmer's Markets (pdf)

September:  National Drug Take Back (pdf)

October:  Reusable Printer Paper in the Library (pdf)

November:  Going Green for the Holidays (pdf)


March:  Help MSU Compete in RecycleMania (pdf)

April:  Upcoming Community Recycling Events (pdf)

November:  Holiday Energy Tips (pdf)


January:  Much More Can Be Recycled Immediately (pdf)

February:  Free CFL Bulbs (pdf)

April:  You can Recycle ALL plastic, ALL metal, ALL boxboard (pdf)

August:  Eat Fresh and Buy Local at a Farmer's Market Near You (pdf)

September:  Recycling Phone Books and Paper Ream Wrappers (pdf)

November:  Decorative Light Exchange (pdf)

November:  Holiday Shopping, Gifts, and Decorating (pdf)


January:  Power Options for Your Monitor and Temporary Recycling Site (pdf)

March:  Spring Recycling (pdf)

March:  Dim Down (pdf)

June:  Many more Things Now Go in Mixed Paper Recycling (pdf)

August:  Cooling Tips (pdf)

September:  East Lansing Fall Bulk Leaf Collection (pdf)

December:  LED Holiday Light Exchange (pdf)


March:  Rural Route Film Festival (pdf)

April:  Recycle Event Where You Can Recycle Green Glass (pdf)


March:  Plants in the Workplace (pdf)

July:  Organic Produce for Sale and Advanced Recycling (pdf)

November:  Green Holidays (pdf)


June:  How to Stop Most Junk Mail (pdf)