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Due to major system maintenance, you will not be able to request items through MeLCat beginning on November 18, 2015.  Renewals for MeLCat items will still be possible until December 2, 2015.  The system should be available for requesting again in early December.  If you are MSU faculty, student or staff, please try Uborrow.  Our community borrowers will not have access to interlibrary loan through MSU during that time. For more information, please read this MeLCat Server Migration FAQ. We apologize for the inconvenience.



January:  Recyclemania 2014 (pdf)

February:  E-waste Recycling Event in the Library (pdf)

March:  New Paper Recycling Procedure on Campus (pdf)

April:  Earth Day Recycling Events on Campus (pdf)

May:  Office Power Saving Tips(pdf)

June:  None

July:  Medication Disposal (pdf)


January:  Do you Really Need that Bottled Water? (pdf)

February:  RecycleMania! (pdf)

March:  It's Time for Spring Cleaning (pdf)

April:  MSU Exceeds Recycling Goal! (pdf)

May:  Farmer's Market Season 2013 Begins (pdf)

June:  Meeting Canceled

July:  None

August:  Electronics Recycling (pdf)

September:  Community Reuse days (pdf)

October:  Campus Sustainability Week (pdf)

November:  None

December:  None


January:  Upcoming Environmental Events (pdf)

January:  One Day Collection for Safe Disposal of Pharmaceuticals (pdf)

February:  RecycleMania--Help MSU Win this Year! (pdf)

March:  Local Recycling Events This Spring (pdf)

August:  Our Wonderful Local Farmer's Markets (pdf)

September:  National Drug Take Back (pdf)

October:  Reusable Printer Paper in the Library (pdf)

November:  Going Green for the Holidays (pdf)


March:  Help MSU Compete in RecycleMania (pdf)

April:  Upcoming Community Recycling Events (pdf)

November:  Holiday Energy Tips (pdf)


January:  Much More Can Be Recycled Immediately (pdf)

February:  Free CFL Bulbs (pdf)

April:  You can Recycle ALL plastic, ALL metal, ALL boxboard (pdf)

August:  Eat Fresh and Buy Local at a Farmer's Market Near You (pdf)

September:  Recycling Phone Books and Paper Ream Wrappers (pdf)

November:  Decorative Light Exchange (pdf)

November:  Holiday Shopping, Gifts, and Decorating (pdf)


January:  Power Options for Your Monitor and Temporary Recycling Site (pdf)

March:  Spring Recycling (pdf)

March:  Dim Down (pdf)

June:  Many more Things Now Go in Mixed Paper Recycling (pdf)

August:  Cooling Tips (pdf)

September:  East Lansing Fall Bulk Leaf Collection (pdf)

December:  LED Holiday Light Exchange (pdf)


March:  Rural Route Film Festival (pdf)

April:  Recycle Event Where You Can Recycle Green Glass (pdf)


March:  Plants in the Workplace (pdf)

July:  Organic Produce for Sale and Advanced Recycling (pdf)

November:  Green Holidays (pdf)


June:  How to Stop Most Junk Mail (pdf)