Michigan State University

About Us

This committee focuses on the Libraries' use of natural resources with an eye toward sustainability, while maintaining and improving our overall working and learning environment. The categories of resources include such items as paper, printing and copier use; energy--lighting, PC's, heating and cooling; cleaning supplies and chemicals; office supplies; recycling and waste reduction; parking and transportation; noise; and general design issues that have an ecological impact.

The committee has these functions:

  1. Advise library administration and staff
  2. Provide educational information and programming
  3. Maintain resources related to these issues
  4. Act as liaison with the Office of Campus Sustainability and the MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center
  5. Contact other units as required and approved

The committee rotates chair and recorder duties among its membership. The committee reports to the Director of the Libraries. The committee will be consulted by the Director, Executive Council, and other committees and staff members when there are possible issues relating to the charge as defined above. All meetings are open to the staff at large and agendas and minutes will be posted in a timely manner.

A video describing the activities of the Library Environmental Committee was created as part of MSU's Environmental Stewards program.

Members Include:

Loretta Crum, Katie Emery, Susan Kendall, Tim Kiser, Jonah Magar, Emilia Marcyk, Patrick Olson, Stephanie Perentesis, Heidi Schroeder, Eric Tans, Aaron Tomak