Michigan State University

The Main Library will not open until 8:30 am on Friday, June 30 because we will be holding a secure-in-place drill.

MSU Library Environmental Committee

The work of the MSU Library Environmental Committee (LEC) focuses on library use of natural resources with an eye toward sustainability, while maintaining and improving our overall working and learning environment. The categories of resources include use of paper; printing and copier use; energy, lighting, PCs, heating, and cooling; cleaning supplies and chemicals; office supplies; recycling and waste reduction; parking and transportation; noise; and general design issues that have an ecological impact.

Committee Members:

Loretta Crum, Katie Emery, Susan Kendall, Tim Kiser, Lisa Lorenzo, Jonah Magar, Emilia Marcyk, Pat Olson, Stephanie Perentesis, Eric Tans.
The Library Environmental Committee can be reached at lec@mail.lib.msu.edu.

The MSU Libraries has been awarded Green Certification by MSU's Office of Campus Sustainability since 2010.

Current Green Certification Certificates (2017 - 2019) can be viewed here (PDF).