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Journals & Databases

When searching databases from off-campus remember to log in to your library account and, regardless of location, click on the Find Text at MSU button icon to see if MSU users have access to the full text content. In PubMed you may also see this icon Spartan block S Full Text button to access full text articles. We have also created a short video that demonstrates how to find the full text in PubMed and what to do if you cannot find it.

If you want to search for a specific journal try using the A-Z E Journal List to search for the journal's title and see if MSU users have access. If you cannot find the journal you are looking for in that list please also search the library catalog using the "Periodical Title" from the drop down menu. More information available for off-campus access.

Databases: Medical Literature

Embase​​: A large European-based database with journal articles and other biomedical literature from an international perspective.

Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI): Indexes journal articles that include information-gathering tools for clinicians such as tests, questionnaires, scales, etc.

PubMed @ MSU: One of the most popular databases to find biomedical journal articles. Need to brush up on your PubMed searching skills? You can find some excellent tutorials on the National Library of Medicine's website.

Scopus: Find citations for a broad range of scientific literature (including patents) and track, analyze, and visualize citations by document, author, zip code, or institution.

Web of Science: Broad coverage of many scientific domains and includes conference proceedings. One of the best tools to track citations, create citation report graphs, find your h-index number, and compare publication outputs overtime.

Osteopathic Resources

LWW Health Library - Osteopathic Medicine: Clinical content and textbooks for osteopathic medicine including case descriptions, procedure videos, images, and study preparation materials.

Ostmed.dr: Osteopathic medicine digital library with core books, journals, images, and videos.

Databases: Articles, Ebooks, Guidelines, Videos etc...

Access Medicine: Over 70 medical textbooks including Harrison's Online, Goodman & Gilman's, and Hurst's the Heart.

Access Surgery: Contains textbooks, surgical videos, animations, atlases, and board reviews.

Access Emergency Medicine: Search for Emergency Room diagnoses and treatments with videos, procedures, images, and emergency medicine textbooks.

Access Anesthesiology: Anesthesiology reference database with textbooks, videos, tables, and charts.

Clinical Key: Over 900 major textbooks, thousands of journals, millions of images, and videos.

LWW Health Library - Basic Sciences: Clinical content and textbooks for the basic sciences (including Bates' Visual Guide to Physical Examination) complemented with case descriptions, procedure videos, images, and study preparation.

Psychiatry Online: Has the online full text of the DSM V, practice guidelines, journal articles, and more.

Natural Medicines: Reliable drug monographs on more than 1000 natural medicines including general information, effectiveness, and interactions.

STAT!ref: Textbooks, guides, diagnostics, codes, calculators, medical dictionaries, and an EBM summary resource (ACP Smart Medicine).

Thieme eBook Library: Full-color downloadable textbooks, color atlases, and Flexibook series in anatomy, basic sciences, and most clinical areas.