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Online donations are handled by Michigan State's central development office. To make a contribution to the MSU Libraries, please click on a fund listed below. The Michigan State University Online Giving page will open in your browser, and a Gift Cart at the top-right corner will contain your chosen fund. Simply enter your donation amount and follow the instructions on the page.

Director's Choice:

Libraries' Endowment Fund (AB0237) - about

If you wish to donate to a specific fund, please click on a the link below:

You may contribute to more than one fund of the MSU Libraries by selecting "Libraries, Computing and Technology" from the College Priorities pull-down menu on the Michigan State University Online Giving page. A second drop down menu will appear that will allow you to choose additional funds.

Fund Descriptions:

Libraries' Endowment Fund (AB0237):

Even with careful forecasting, needs and opportunities arise outside of the regular budget planning cycle. This general fund provides the Director of Libraries with the financial flexibility to sustain the MSU Libraries' excellent services and resources.

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21st Century Library Instruction (AB0274):

Information literacy has become an essential skill for academic and professional success in the 21st century. Your gift supports a strong Information Literacy program, which requires innovative technology, effective learning spaces, and expert staff.

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Endowment for Preservation (AB0220):

Decades of wear and tear leave their mark on the historic volumes of the MSU Libraries. Expert conservation staff, with the resources of the Florence G. Wallace Conservation Laboratory, ensure that our print collections remain available for use by current and future generations of students, faculty members and researchers.

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Africana Collection (AB0271):

The Africana Collection is one of the largest in the country, with over 200,000 books, journals, maps and films covering all areas and disciplines. Your gift will greatly enhance the Africana Collection and allow for the digitization of rare and unique materials.

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Book Arts Collection (AB0276):

The growing Book Arts Collection contains books and journals – both modern and historical – that encompass all aspects of the book as a physical structure. Your gift will fund the purchase of books by renowned book artists, small press titles and other significant works that are of special interest to students in MSU's Residential College in the Arts and Humanities.

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Comic Art Collection (AB0249):

The world-renowned Comic Art Collection includes more than 200,000 items that present a complete picture of what the American comics readership has seen since the mid-20th century, as well as 15,000 foreign comic books. It's a destination for scholars from around the world and a favorite of MSU students!

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Digital & Multimedia Center (AB0273):

The work of the Digital & Multimedia Center allows the MSU Libraries to share holdings with the world. Your gift will help fund ongoing projects, such as online archives of rare books, searchable databases of scanned material, and digital libraries for MSU students.

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Fine Arts Collection (AB0278):

The Fine Arts Library houses the collections for art and music. Your gift will help acquire new works and online resources, enhancing the education of students in fields like studio art and art history, music and the performing arts, teacher education, and art and music therapy.

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Library Buildings Fund (AB0277):

With an average of 8,000 visitors a day, ever-growing collections and rapidly changing technology, the Main Library and external branches need diligent attention to remain effective, attractive learning environments. Your gift will help improve and expand our facilities.

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Library Collections (AB0272):

Your gift to Library Collections will allow the MSU Libraries to respond quickly to new situations such as by providing materials on an emerging hot topic or enhancing access with new technology.

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Map Library Collection (AB0279):

The Map Library is a critical resource for researchers investigating environmental, social and political issues. Your gift will help the Map Library acquire antique and rare maps in its primary collection areas or purchase maps and atlases that serve scholarly research interests relating to the mission of the MSU Libraries.

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Special Collections Endowment (AB0219):

The opportunity to work with primary sources is critical for undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers. Special Collections offers a rich array of literary, historic and cultural documents and many rare items.

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Turfgrass Information Center (AB0233):

The Turfgrass Information Center contains the most extensive public collection of turfgrass education materials in the world. Scientists, landscape architects and managers of green spaces depend on the Turfgrass Information File, a database of bibliographic and descriptive records of all types of work related to turfgrass culture.

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Veterinary Medicine Historical Collection (AB0275):

Veterinary medicine has a long history, stretching from early agricultural societies to the present day. The Veterinary Medicine Historical Collection includes some of the earliest surviving Latin manuscripts and the first illustrated veterinary manuals.

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Vincent Voice Library (AB02081):

History speaks in the Vincent Voice Library, where students have access to 40,000 historic and current recordings from around the world. Your gift will support the ongoing digitization of recordings, making them available for listening through the MSU Libraries' online catalog.

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