Michigan State University

General Collection

From art to zoology, the MSU Libraries are dedicated to collecting the world's knowledge, organizing it for use and preserving it for generations to come.

The MSU Libraries have developed strong holdings in its General Collection across the entire spectrum of academic disciplines: the arts and humanities; the social sciences; science and technology; medicine; area studies; and applied fields such as engineering, education and agriculture. The breadth of the collection is essential to support students enrolled in the more than 200 programs of study offered by Michigan State University.

The General Collection is rich and provides the necessary depth for doctoral-level research in the 109 fields in which the university grants doctorate degrees. Included are primary source material for historians, up-to-the-minute access to scientific publications, hard-to-find books and journals in more than 300 languages.

This wealth of knowledge exists in a diversity of formats: books and pamphlets, maps, microfilm and microfiche, music and voice recordings, computer software and online resources.

To make a gift to support the General Collection, you may donate online.

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