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Burton L. Gerber and Rosalie P. Gerber Endowment for the MSU Libraries

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Mr. Gerber established this endowment in his name and his late wife's, Rosalie P. Gerber. This fund is to promote study, research and understanding of the intelligence field and decision making in regards to national security. Mr. Gerber is a 1955 graduate of MSU, and worked for the MSU Library's Assigned Reading Room. He retired after serving 39 years as an operations officer in the Central Intelligence Agency. He went on to be a professor teaching national security courses at Georgetown University. Rosalie P. Gerber, who served in the CIA for 18 years, subsequently became a librarian at universities in Washington, DC, Tehran, Iran and at the American Embassy in Moscow, Russia. She later served as the librarian at a major law firm in Washington, DC. Given the Gerbers' keen interest in libraries and research, it is a particular pleasure to establish this endowment.

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