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Unique @ MSU Libraries

Listed below are some of the unique collections found at Michigan State University Libraries.

American Radicalism Collection

The Radicalism Collection includes books, pamphlets, periodicals, posters, and ephemera covering a wide range of viewpoints on political, social, economic, and cultural issues and movements in the United States and throughout the world.

Artists' Book Collection

The MSU Libraries? Artists? Books Collection is housed in Special Collections and includes over 350 titles by a wide variety of artists including Laura Davidson, Julie Chen, and Emily Martin. The Cuban Artists? Books Collection contains over 50 pieces, created by individuals at Ediciones Vigía, an artists? cooperative that has produced limited-edition books since 1985.

Definitions for "artists? books" are as varied as the objects themselves. In simple terms, artists? books are books created by artists, where the artist has control over every aspect of the creative process. Artists? books can take any format, from a traditional codex to a tunnel book, and they offer a non-traditional yet innovative approach to the relationship between book and reader.

Chicago Tribune Collection

MSU's Janet A. Ginsburg Chicago Tribune Collection (1880s to 1940s) composed of beautiful visual journalism art, in many forms, that was used to communicate news of the day.

These scanned images illustrate that the historic Chicago Tribune was an innovator in color inks and printing, but also a pioneer in bringing colorful art in the form of illustrations, photographs, cartoons and advertisements to the average person in an everyday medium. Famous artists in this collection are Frederic Remington, Grant Wood, Mary Cassatt, John McCutcheon, Carey Orr and others.

Espresso Book Machine

On-demand printing is now available at the MSU Main Library with the Espresso Book Machine, which can print a paperback book in about five minutes. The EBM prints your black & white interior pages and a full color cover, binds them together, and trims the book to size while you watch. Select from the 3.3 million titles in the On Demand Books catalog. Or, print your own dissertation, creative writing, conference paper, family cookbook, and more.

Feeding America

The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum have partnered to create an online collection of some of the most influential and important American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. The goal of this project is to make these materials available to a wider audience. Digital images of the pages of each cookbook are available as well as full-text transcriptions and the ability to search within the books, across the collection, in order to find specific information.

Little Cookbooks

Little Cookbooks contains thousands of food and cookery related publications produced primarily by companies in the United States from the late nineteenth century up to the present. The collection provides a rich resource to study the evolution and history of advertising, food products, individual companies, technology, food preparation, and food production. It was organized, described, and donated in 2005 by Shirley Brocker Sliker, who continues to add items to the collection.

Making of Modern Michigan

The Making of Modern Michigan (MMM) project empowered libraries around Michigan to digitize their local history collections to make them available throughout the world.

Michigan Writers Series

The Michigan Writers Series recognizes and highlights the literary work of important writers who live and work in Michigan. Hosted by the MSU Libraries, the series features individual Michigan writers for an evening of readings and discussion with their audience.

Provenance Project

The Special Collections Provenance Project at Michigan State University: Documenting the copy-specific features of rare books at MSU. Tweets by @ATLundeen aka Andrew Lundeen, who also is documenting the work on the Provenance Project blog.

Selma and Stanley Hollander Faculty Book Collection

The Selma and Stanley Hollander Faculty Book Collection was established in 1998 to recognize and honor the impressive body of scholarly and creative work produced by MSU faculty, emeriti faculty, and staff each year. The collection includes books, musical scores, and multimedia works which were authored, edited, or translated by MSU faculty, as well as recordings of musical performances. The collection currently includes over 2,600 titles. Whenever possible, two copies of each work are acquired, with one copy placed in the Main Library or appropriate branch library, and the other copy in the Selma and Stanley Hollander Faculty Book Collection located in the Main Library, west wing, adjacent to the Director's office. Both copies are available for circulation. View the list of titles added to the Selma and Stanley Hollander Faculty Book Collection in 2013.

Sunday School Books in 19th Century America

Sunday School Book Titles from the Russel B. Nye Popular Culture Collection, Michigan State University Libraries, and the Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University have been selected for digitization, making them available to the public through this site.

Turfgrass Information Center

The Turfgrass Information Center (TIC) produces the Turfgrass Information File database (TGIF), the largest turf database in the world. Together with the James B Beard Turfgrass Library Collection (generally acknowledged to be the finest personal compilation of turf-related materials in existence) and the O. J. Noer Turfgrass Memorial Collection, the Center contains the most comprehensive publicly-available collection of turfgrass education materials in the world.

Vet Med Catalog - Historical Collection

This catalogue has been compiled to illustrate the extent of the “Veterinary Collection” housed in the Special Collections Division of the Michigan State University Library. Contemporary works and works to support curricular needs are housed in the stacks of the Main Library and the Veterinary Medical Center Library.

Vincent Voice Library

The G. Robert Vincent Voice Library is a collection of over 40,000 hours of spoken word recordings, dating back to 1888. The collection includes the voices of over 100,000 persons from all walks of life.