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Library Events

Library Events (MSU Events Calendar)

From our writers and film series to traveling exhibits, come to one of the many events and programs we offer here at MSU Libraries. We look forward to seeing you!

"The Mystic Chords of Memory"

Civil War letter on tattered American flag backdrop

"The Mystic Chords of Memory": The Civil War at its Close, and in the American Collective Memory
Now through December 2015
Main Library, 4th Floor, West Wing

An exhibit marking the sesquicentennial of the conclusion of a conflict that left over 600,000 Americans dead. Starting with the contemporary observations of a demobilized Michigan solider, the exhibit touches on Civil War prison narratives, public commemoration of the arts, as well as cinematic renarrations of the Civil War, its place in the struggle for equality, and as popular history.

Exhibit produced by Bobby Smiley.


3D Printing At MSU - In Health Sciences

skull and replica of part of the skull made from a 3D printer

The MSU Libraries now offer 3D printing!

Our printer is a MakerBot Replicator (5th Generation). It uses an environmentally friendly bioplastic filament in your choice of 12 colors. The cost is 20¢ per gram of filament, with a $1 minimum, and we ask that you make an appointment to submit your print job.

Read the article and watch the video on the State News website!

Ancient Meets Modern by UCL Engineering /CC BY- SA 2.0

A Very Merry unBirthday to Alice! Celebrating 150 Years of Wonderland

Tea party scene from Alice in Wonderland

A Very Merry unBirthday to Alice! Celebrating 150 Years of Wonderland
Now through January 15, 2016
MSU Main Library, North Lobby

For the past 150 years, Lewis Carroll's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has delighted children and adults alike with its colorful characters and whimsical story. This exhibit showcases rare books, comics, and other material from MSU Special Collections inspired by the timeless tale. Included are a number of important illustrated editions, featuring artwork by Salvador Dali, Ralph Steadman and others, graphic novel adaptations from the Library' extensive Comic Art Collection, and political propaganda pieces co-opting the imagery of Carroll's original story. Come fall down the rabbit hole at the MSU Libraries and immerse yourself in the imaginative world of Wonderland!

Exhibit produced by Andrew Lundeen.


The Archive of African Journals project is a part of the African E-Journals Project. This project hopes to increase accessibility for scholars and other users of these materials which are not widely available even in Africa.

This site houses digital copies of selected past issues of scholarly African Journals: Archive of African Journals.

Alan Turing: Mathematician, WWII Code Breaker, Father of the Modern Computer, and Creator of the Artifical Intelligence Turing Test

Cipher Machine (Picture courtesy of Ciphermachines.com)

Now through Summer 2015

Math Library Exhibit Case

This exhibit features the role of Alan Turing in code-breaking efforts during WWII, his visionary ideas in the development of artificial intelligence, and his ultimately and tragic death.  Turing worked at the Government Code and Cypher School in Bletchley Park, (Buckinghamshire, England) to break the Enigma code.  Code breakers created "the bombe," a computer-like machine used to crack German encryption, which very possibly shortened the length of World War II by two years.  After the war Turing pursued his work in artificial intelligence.  His work was cut short, however, after Turing's prosecution for homosexuality led to his suicide in 1954, shortly before his forty-second birthday.

Exhibit produced by Jessica Young, with assistance from Christine DeFord.