Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

Two New Shortcuts To A Delicious Lenten Meal In Minutes!


This single sheet, which was available on grocer's shelves for shoppers to take, has "Free Recipe! Take One!" in the upper left corner in white on a red background. The title is at the top above "Tuna Rice Au Gratin - One: with wonderful, new improved Minute Rice; Two: with Carnation 3-minute Cheese Sauce" in blue and black on a white background. Below on a yellow background is a color illustration of a cutting board with a glass pot of rice beside a can a Carnation Evaporated Milk. In front is cheese sauce being poured from a ladle onto rice on a brown plate with tomato wedges. On the left is a box of Minute Rice. At the bottom is "'ll find the recipe on the back--" The back has a white recipe card for Tuna Rice Au Gratin on a blue background. At the bottom are promotions for "The Two New Shortcuts To This Delicious Lenten Meal" -- New Improved Minute Rice, beside an illustration of Minute Rice, and Carnation 3-Minute Cheese Sauce, beside an illustration of a can of Carnation Evaporated Milk.

Donor: Sliker, Shirley Brocker

Brand Name: Carnation Milk

Publisher: Carnation Co. (Los Angeles, Calif.)

1955 (ca.)

24.8 x 14.0 cm


Language: English

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Copyright: This item is under copyright.


Citation: Two New Shortcuts To A Delicious Lenten Meal In Minutes!. The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries. Available at

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