Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

Where Quality Counts


The front cover contains the colors red, white and blue. It begins at the top with the title "Where Quality Counts" and is followed by the publisher "Wayne County Brand Vinegars." Between the two lines of the publisher, there is a red bull's eye with the text WAYNE in the center. Around the bull's eye there are laurel leaves that go about two thirds of the way up. Below the publisher, there is a drawn color illustration of two bottles. The one on the left is a red bottle of apple cider vinegar and the one on the right is a white bottle of white vinegar. Between the two bottles the phrase "White Cider Malt Taragon" is written in a black text. At the very bottom of the front cover there are two lines that read "Recipes for using vinegar also its uses for other than food purposes." The back cover begins with the title "Where Quality Counts" and continues with the publisher just as the front cover did. Below the publisher, there is a drawn color illustration of a red bottle of pure sweet cider. This bottle is located on the center of the page and has four phrases in each corner. The first phrase located top left says "Made from just pure apple juice and the fourth phrase located bottom right says "A drink for the whole year round." The front end page start off with a "Good Vinegar". The pages consist of an "Introduction" page. The following inside pages consist of various recipes that use Wayne County Brand Vinegar. Pages 20-23 list household and kitchen uses as well as preventing saddle and harness sores on horses. Page 24 has an article by Hannah Wing, a recognized authority on all matters pertaining to household management titled "Using Cider in Cooking." The back end page entails a few paragraphs that states facts about what makes Wayne County quality and service possible.

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Donor: Sliker, Shirley Brocker

Brand Name: Wayne County Brand Vinegars

Publisher: Wayne County Produce Co. (Greenpoint, Long Island, N.Y.)

1900 (ca.)

40 p.

15.2 x 8.6 cm


Language: English

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Copyright: This item is in the public domain.


Citation: Where Quality Counts. The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries. Available at

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