Little Cookbooks: The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Culinary Collection

The Enterprising Housekeeper 200 Tested Recipes Illustrated With Kitchen Helps

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The front cover is green with a woman in a pink dress and white apron using a meat grinder. The table also includes a lobster, bread, carrots, and celery. The lettering is red and black with some holly leaves and berries under the word housekeeper. The words The Enterprise Mfg. Co. of Pa., Philadelphia, U.S.A. are on the side of the table. The back cover has a red and green ribbon frame with a meat grinder at the top in a circle of the ribbon and a black floral coffee grinder in a circle of the ribbon. Between the two is a rectangular frame with Compliments of Popp & Wolf, 722 Genesee Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan. The printer's name is at the bottom. The title page includes The Enterprising Housekeeper. Suggestions for breakfast, luncheon, and supper. Sixth edition by Helen Louise Johnson, Copyright 1906. Below that is a poem:We may live without poetry, music and art, We may live without conscience and live without heart, We may live without friends, we may live without books, But civilized man can not live without cooks. And at the bottom is Published by The Enterprise Manufacturing Co. of Pa. Philadelphia, U.S.A. The introduction is a letter from the company to women the world over. There are recipes with pages of various Enterprise gadgets scattered throughout. There is an index at the end.

Donor: Sliker, Shirley Brocker

Author: Johnson, Helen Louise

Printer: American Lithographic Co. (New York, N.Y.)

Brand Name: Enterprise Manufacturing Kitchen Utensils

Publisher: Enterprise Mfg. CO. (Philadelphia, Pa.)


91 p.

17.8 x 12.7 cm


Language: English

Key term: Recipes

Copyright: This item is in the public domain.


Citation: Johnson, Helen Louise. The Enterprising Housekeeper 200 Tested Recipes Illustrated With Kitchen Helps. The Alan and Shirley Brocker Sliker Collection, MSS 314, Special Collections, Michigan State University Libraries. Available at

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