Lee, James. An Introduction to Botany. Containing an Explanation of that Science, and an Interpretation of its Technical Terms, Extracted from the Works of Dr. Linnus, and Calculated to Assist Such as may be Dessirous of Studying that Author’s Method and Improvements. London, Printed for J. And R. Tonson, 1765.

Originally published in 1760, James Lee’s (1715-1795) Introduction to Botany translated Carl Von Linne’s (Linnaeus’) ideas on the order and naming of plants based upon examination of their sexual organs and reproductive methods into English. Linnaeus’ ideas spread widely in England in the 1760’s. Lee was gardener at Syon House, a partner in a nursery in Hammersmith, had plant collectors in American and in South Africa, and corresponded with Linnaeus. He is the author of this and Rules for Collecting and Preserving Seeds from Botany Bay, c 1787; he contributed to the Hortus Kewensis, v. 1, 1789, a catalog of plants at Kew Gardens.

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